4 little digits

So. Just how secure can a PIN be?

Just about everything surrounding the Chip and PIN system seems to be designed to irk and mislead. From using the phrase PIN, with a huge minority insisting on calling it a PIN Number, to the banks trying to insist it’s a good thing for the consumer.

It’s not.

How can using the same 4 digits be secure? When the banks have spent years trying to educate us to be careful with ATMs and to make sure that they haven’t been tampered with, suddenly we’re expected to use the same PIN code on a 1001 different types of epos terminals. Madness, I tell you, madness.

But the banks insist it is secure – and worse. This insistence means that if you are unfortunate enough to have your account plundered with mis-use of a valid PIN it must have been your fault!

Fortunately the public has a secret weapon. Step forward those nice people from Cambridge with their Chip and Spin. Read it, fear it and wonder just what life means with so much control being exerted by unelected entities which you need to be involved with. Life in the modern world without a bank would be virtually impossible. Life with only cash? Just how realistic is that going to be?

I’m a technology professional, I’m as big a gadget fetishist as the next house-trained geek, but when you’re not given a choice and the options left to you so utterly inequitous, you sometimes wonder how things can change in favour of the little man.

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