13.3-inch iBook, Mac OS X 10.4.4, Plaxo for Mac

I’m not worried about the iBook and OS X will make sure that 10.4.4 gets sucked down when it sees fit, but the news that Plaxo is getting ready for its first release of a Mac client is interesting.

I have two independent contact systems. I’ve got my work (Outlook) and Thunderbird clients (windows at work to read home email and the home Windows PC) configured to use it. It is great but there’s far too much out of your control. I like the fact that my Powerbook (against which I sync my Palm and phone) is independent of that system. So Plaxo tells me something’s changed and I decide whether I’m interested in the information.

The other week I edited my Plaxo card and removed an email address. Suddenly one Plaxo contact found that his Outlook client had forgotten completely about that email address. I hadn’t deleted the address or disavowed it, I’d just edited my card. It’s a little disquietening when Big Brother acts like that.

Not to mention the number of duplicates and such that Plaxo creates. It’s a great system, but I don’t want to have to rely on it. I rely on my Palm/Powerbook being up to the minute – Plaxo’s not going to get its fingers on them.

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