Will they listen?

Three votes in three days and the nanny state is in even fuller effect. On Tuesday came ID cards, on Wednesday the total smoking ban and today, probably, comes the "glorifying" terrorism bill.

While MPs at least want to investigate some of the technical mechanisms that might be employed for ID cards (how nice of them), it doesn’t remove any of the risks that have been so lucidly put forward by greater minds than are apparently operating in the Commons.

And when Gordon Brown, our Prime Minister in waiting, can’t even differentiate between biometrics and isometrics, then we must have an inkling that HMG is in trouble?

Patent Review

This needs some further review but this article questioning patent fundamentals, in particular that in the UK we have a better system, needs some review.

The issue, I would suppose, is whether ‘our’ system is better for those who are interested in what protection the system might offer.

Joining the flock

The key thing to overtly displaying your geek credentials is the software you use, the websites you visit – “digg is so 2005″ – and the podcasts you cite. (And if you have to ask what podcasts are, well, I’m making my point, right?) 

So, as if to test out the theory, I’m writing this post using flock. It’s a browser built on the Mozilla/Firefox platform which attempts to seemlessly link your browsing to some of the more popular next-generation (i.e. “Web 2.0”) sites, such as del.icio.us and Flickr

It’s still in beta, so it’s liable to break … but it’s quite nifty so far …