Australia take back the Ashes

So the digg story suggested that “Australia totally outclassed England in the 3rd Test, going to 3-0 in the 5-test series and winning back the Ashes” which is crowing at best. We’ve had fifth day results in all three matches – outclassed means before lunch on the third day.

With the defeat England went 3-0 down, but that Aussie side has more cracks in it that a 5th day pitch. Flashes of genius made all the difference: Gilchrist finally remembering what his bat is for and that Glenn McGrath over on the fourth day when Cook and Hoggard went were the tipping points.

And a very similar story in the second test – it all tipped on madness from England, rather than good Aussie play, on the 5th day – when England had been on top for 4 days.

Outclassed? No. Out-played for critical portions of the matches (all of the first, one session in the second, half of the third)? Yes.

No-one goes to Australia and gets an easy ride but the teams are a lot closer than the 3-0 scoreline suggests. Well done to the Dad’s Army in Canary Yellow, commiserations to England and roll on the one-day series where there really will be some outclassing done.

And when they come back to England in 2009 and Warne and McGrath are on the sidelines commentating? That will hit the Aussies worse than England missing Vaughan, Jones, Tresco et al.

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