Concert or Photo-op?

So when you’re at a concert are you there to take pictures or to listen to the band?

The Barenaked Ladies are my favourite band – and have been since the days of Gordon in the early nineties. Their gigs are just huge fun: you’ve a great mix of friends on stage, a huge catalogue of music, inventive ad-libs and tom-foolery, fans joining in and a band who’ve been touring for so long that they know each other so well that the weave of the show is ad-hoc but really tight. (Apart from when Ed lost it after Stephen had left some rocket on the mike. You really had to be there.)

But why, then, do you spoil it by taking dozens, no hundreds, of photos which will all basically look the same? Seriously, the guy in front of me took pver 200 photos in the 90 minute set – and a few minutes of video.

They just really had better end up on flickr. I took one shot as I was so annoyed by him that I didn’t want to seem like a hypocrite …

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