Up to now it’s been a slightly imperfect day off. A few hours work to meet a slightly shifting deadline – or at the least to get a few things done before heading away for the weekend – then meeting a mate for coffee, then a leisurely snack lunch before moving to the airport. All low-key, relaxed and easy.

Objects that move themselves are often surprisingly heavy when you suddenly don’t have them help themselves. 5 year old children, for example. And bikes. When a bike’s in a big carrier it’s just a big dead weight to schlepp around. But the trains to Gatwick are decent and despite checking in early, just in case, I was through and sitting air-side with loads of time.

This just became loads of time with a 2 hour delay because they don’t have a plane for us. Looks like there are generally storms in Europe, we’re not the only ones with delays, but I’m the only one I’m concerned for.

I used to do that kind of short-term rescheduling, or at least software I was partially responsible for did. Short-term moving of flights and re-jigging daily timetables. It’s the sharp end that you don’t think of at your console. But I’m aware of it at this console.

Meanwhile Starbucks’ Wifi is helping, the £5 voucher from the airport has got me some fruit and a frappuccino, but the lack of a BA jet is just plain annoying and inconvenient.

I’ve waited 8 months to almost be at this point. I can wait a few more hours, but flight delays are movable feasts and I just want to be in the air and on my way, waiting in the same country as the race will settle my nerves.

I just want to get to Zurich. Get to my hotel. Get to my rest. Get to transition. Get to registration.

I just want to get to Sunday morning’s start line. 0655 CET. The next 36 hours are just in the way.

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