So the Prime Minister’s office has published its response to the outcry over the BBC’s toothless iPlayer.

This can be summarised as

"the overseers asked the public, who actually fund the Beeb, what they wanted and then asked the Beeb to do just what the public asked; the Beeb proceeded to blatantly ignore it, but it’s alright, we’ll ask the overseers to keep an eye on them in the future because that is obviously a system with a proven track record of working"

Or, "I know we asked you but it was more important that Microsoft got what they wanted, so not only do you pay the licence fee tax, you must pay their Windows tax too".

Or, "stuff you licence payer"

So precisely what good is this? I like to think that I’m not a technical slouch (I’ve several bits of paper and a job in the arena to back this up), but despite having the spec required and multiple log-ins to various bits of the BBC website, I’ve yet to get the iPlayer to work at all.

I’ll be sticking to UKNova, thanks.

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