Who complains about these things?

So last weekend apparently some people thought that BBC1 showed too much sport.

It’s a bit ironic really, some people with so much time on their hands that they can watch TV for 11 hours of a Saturday (and then complain about it), but don’t apparently have the ability to change channels and watch a different channel. Or a DVD. Or going outside for a walk. Or talking to friends. Or reading a blog. Or writing a blog. Signing a pledge.

Presumably they wouldn’t want to get out of the house to play sport themselves as they’re obviously misanthropes who object to physical exercise or people enjoying themselves, so maybe the walking and meeting friends is out.


Still, on March 8th it’ll happen all over again, which some of us at least can’t wait for. Although I’ll be in the bar watching Scotland-England, so much more fun than sitting on your own, festering in your own bile ahead of complaining to the authorities.
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