Unfortunately, I was right (sort of)

So last week I predicted a total lack of interest on the behalf of the police in actually punishing genuine wrong-doing. And lo it came to pass that the inevitable happened and I was, quelle surprise, bang on.

The irony of also receiving, in the same post as a form letter saying (to paraphrase) "we couldn’t be less interested in proceeding in this case", an option for me to attend a Speed Awareness Workshop (at my own expense and within the boundaries of the force where I was photographed, rather than where I live, despite the same company being responsible for both) for an infraction that caused neither inconvenience nor damage to anyone, is infuriating.

Where are the Red Light Awareness Workshops? Or the Pay Attention to Other Road Users Workshops? Why does the clown who came 2 seconds from killing me get off scot-free?

It really is enough to make you wonder why you bother trying to obey the laws that can’t be objectively measured. If a crime that cannot be either witnessed by a PC or photographed doesn’t actually count, then what’s the point in obeying it; I’m confident that it’s not for the benefit of my health. With the cuts and bruises more or less healed, I’m absolutely sure of that much.

Update: still no real word, but after ringing them up and expressing my disappointment at the lack of action, they’ve actually decided to delve a little more. Yay for proactivity. Although boo for having to chase them before they actually take an interest.
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