Stick to your day job

There are some cool types from before the web took over the internet who are, or at least were, known purely by their TLAs. Y’know, like ESR or RMS.

So for someone with a rather illustrious history, Mr JWZ is peculiarly myopic (a talent given he even has a law).

In a recent post he performed a proud blogging act: spouting off about something about which he thinks he knows a lot about, while claiming he knows he little and proving he knows next to nothing.

I’m not about to write a point-by-point rebuttal because a) he won’t see it, b) he won’t react to it and c) he’d only snipe in another update and lump my reaction with others if either a or b weren’t true.

He’s just almost exclusively – and spectacularly – wrong. The fact that I’m exactly the person he cites in point 1 (shorts, clipped shoes, messenger bag and fixie) is exactly the point. By saying “you are not the person to whom this advice is addressed” is implicitly saying “your advice is worthless”.

Which is ironic.

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